Prescription Insoles to Improve Gait

Prescription Insoles to Improve GaitPrescription Insoles to Improve Gait

Structural problems in your feet can alter how you walk and run and can cause pain throughout your body. A clear and accurate assessment of the mechanics of your lower limbs is key to understanding the effect that subtle faults in your foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment can cause.

A lower limb mechanical assessment will be performed. This will provide a diagnosis of your foot and lower limb function, allowing treatment or orthotics to be prescribed accurately.

Orthotics are specially designed insoles which are made for you by prescription. This is done in some cases by taking a plaster cast of the foot in its neutral position and is then sent to a laboratory, with your prescription, to be made to your exact specifications. The insole then correctly aligns your foot and, as a result, your body. This will relieve abnormal strain of tissues and structures which can cause pain.

For less severe problems or for specific solutions for playing different sports, a wide variety of “off the shelf” insoles are also available to order.